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A new species of the genus Eudistoma (Ascidiacea, Polycitoridae)

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Una nueva especie del género Eudistoma (Ascidiacea, Polycitoridae)
Gerard Breton and Françoise Monniot
Qualité de l'auteur: 
Chercheur libre - Zoologiste
Laboratoire Géosciences, Université de Rennes - Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
Date de publication: 
23 octobre 2007

Numerous colonies of Eudistoma santamariae, new species, were collected during several years from Sal Island. Their appearance in life is peculiar, with naked purple lobes erect above an extended layer of branched stolons embedded with sand and arranged in a web. The larva of this ascidian has a distinctive pigmentation. This new species is compared with other sandy Eudistoma from the west African coast.

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